January 22, 2017

Weekend Scout: Raw Facts and Cheap Shots

Feed it Raw?

Learn the raw facts about dog and cat food when Chuck Harris of RawHealth will present a free seminar at Holistic for Pets in Bradenton.

Chuck will explore nutritional data and how your pet can benefit from a raw diet. This informational session is free and runs from 1:00-3:00 on Saturday April 2, 2011.
8728 SR 70 East, Bradenton, FL 34202 Call 753-7297, or email Info@HolisticForPets.com

Cheap Shots

Sweet Bay on Tamiami Trail at Bahai Vista in Sarasota will have a low cost pet vaccination clinic Saturday from 2-3pm. Rabies shots are just $10.00. Remember, you should not substitute this for your annual trip to your veterinarian! Quick tip: Come early, make sure your dog is leashed and your cat is crated. If you can, bring a friend, who can take a break from being on line and walk your dog.

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