January 22, 2017

Meet Cissy

Another Friday means another adorable adoptable for your viewing pleasure, Sarasota: Meet Cissy!

Cissy here is a very unique looking little girl. She is a 3 year old Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix. Cissy’s foster mom, Jacky, tells us that she is a lap dog who loves giving kisses! Whether you’re watching your favorite game on TV or checking your status on Facebook, be prepared to share your lap with her. Although Cissy loves her snuggling moments, she is still very much a puppy that values her play time.  To Cissy, play time means chasing Carley (another one of Jacky’s foster dogs who is a Whippet mix) around the house or chewing her soft toys and ropes.

Cissy loves her walks and she does very well on a leash. Squirrels of course are always a distraction so she may pull in this instance. When on a leash, Cissy seems less than friendly with other dogs but if introductions were done carefully, she would most likely enjoy socializing with them just like she does with Carley. Although she loves Carley, Cissy doesn’t like to share her food with her, so they are kept separated at meal time.

Cissy can be stressed out and nervous around strangers but once she is comfortable, her love will show no boundaries. She is crate trained and would make a great family addition for any couple or single person looking for companionship. To learn more about sweet Cissy, contac Jacky at 847-309-4303 or townsendjacky@yahoo.com.

Cissy’s story here is brought to you by Ace Pet Resort, a resort for vacationing dogs and cats to and from the Sarasota area!

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