April 25, 2014

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Single Ladies Seek Loving Companion


Today we bring you two adoptable dogs looking for their forever home. So sit and stay with Brinny and Jasmine. Brinny is a female tan and white Bulldog/Sharpei mix. She is almost 2 years old and has been at the shelter for 4 months, as she arrived back in November.  Brinny loves all the people [...]


Mixing It Up


We’re mixing it up this beautiful Tuesday to bring you two mixed pups looking for their forever home right here in Sarasota. Get the scoop on Chowder and DeeDee! Starting us off is Chowder. This ridiculously good-looking boy is a red/sable Chow Mix. Chowder found short-lived happiness as he was returned to the shelter after [...]


The World’s Best Leash


You know how technology is revolutionizing everything from cooking to communicating and suddenly designers are making sensible changes to things like a spot for your handbag in the car?     Finally, some of those really smart people from the world of design focused on something uber practical that we all need:  dog leashes. Their [...]


Prosecuting Attorneys take stand for animals


This is not a local story but one that affects all of the US.  We’ve had more than our share of animal abuse stories here in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.   Now, out of Washington, DC comes this encouraging news. Prosecutors and Animal Welfare Advocates Develop Principles to Combat Animal Cruelty Crimes against animals treated as [...]


Minimally Invasive Procedures – Tracheal Stents


By: Dr. Anne Chauvet. It’s exciting to be a Veterinarian.   Technology, protocols and therapies are evolving at lightening speed widening the scope of help for sick and injured pets. One of the areas that has seen tremendous growth is modality of minimally invasive procedures. As in the human medical field, veterinarians can now perform endoscopies, [...]


Dog Toys for Separation Anxiety

Your Source for All Things Dog in Sarasota

For our money, nothing beats a Kong Toy stuffed with creamy peanut butter – and then frozen for a few hours. This cold and yummy treat keeps our dog busy for at least an hour.

There are other neat toys out there too, like the Talk to Me Treatball. This plastic ball has has a chip that lets you record something, like “Good Dog Scout!” or “night night”. But! if you have a big dog, a chewer or a puppy – this toy should only be used with supervision – and for Separation Anxiety – no good. Stick with the KONG.


Breed Profile: Labrador Retriever-Pit Bull Mix


Often called a Labrabull or Pitador, the Labrador-Pitbull Mix has become an increasingly popular breed in recent years. And it’s no wonder, since this mix brings together the energetic, playful personality of the Labrador Retriever with the intelligence and loyalty of the Pitbull. Physical Traits Size & Weight: Labrabulls stand between 14-24 inches at the [...]


Pretty Little Ladies


We have two lucky ladies looking for that special someone to love and care for them – your adoptable dogs of the week are Asia and Nicki. Asia here is a black and white Labrador/Doberman mix. She is around 1.5 years old and has been patiently waiting for a home of her very own since [...]


Burns Court Cafe – Dog-Friendly Dining


By Jack Littman-Quinn/Sarasota-Restaurant Reviews Burn’s Court Café is perfectly suited for the Burns Square area… Named after noted developer and Sarasota forefather Owen Burns, Burns Square plays an integral role in the development of today’s Sarasota. Located a few blocks south of Main Street at the convergence of Orange Avenue and Pineapple Avenue, Burns Square [...]