March 28, 2015

Training Tuesdays from Good CitiZen Dog Training

Oh, can you give it to me?

The Year of the Dog – Part 2 by Andy Sands, Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant Last week for Training Tuesday, we began the series “The Year of the Dog” in which we are discussing the 10 Resolutions for Rover. We began with Resolution #1: No Jumping. Today we continue on in strong fashion [...]


Guide to Sarasota Dog Parks


Contributed by Dr. Sue Nielsen Off Leash dog parks in Sarasota County are called Paw Parks and are dotted throughout the county. Arlington, Lakeview, and 17th Street and Paw Parks are in Sarasota and Woodmere and Brohard Paw Parks are in Venice.   This map highlights the parks and their locations. Each Paw Park has a [...]


Training Tuesdays brought to you by Good CitiZen Dog Training

Dog and treat.

The Year of the Dog by Andy Sands, Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant The New Year is behind us now and 2015 is in full swing. However the Chinese New Year is fresh upon us, so let us resolve to make this the “Year of the Dog”. In order to propperly celebrate both Eastern [...]


Dog Beach will remain open in Venice, Florida


Despite rumors of Brohard Paw Park in Venice closing … it will stay open.  Several weeks ago a skirmish at the park between an unattended dog and a puppy led people to believe that authorities in the City of Venice we considering closing the gates to the beloved dog beach.   The incident occurred when [...]


What Every Pet Owner Should Know


Pet ownership comes with a vast array of responsibilities.  We carefully choose our pet’s food, take training classes, buy coats and toys and joyfully spend hours loving our pets.  Ultimately, we know inside that our pets lives will end much sooner that we would like.   Taking the same forethought and steps to plan for [...]


Sarasota Hidden Gem: Fresh Start Café


Burns Court continues to surprise us.  On our way to the Farmer’s Market, we spotted Fresh Start Café at 630 N. Orange, serving home-made baked goods, and savory egg dishes.  The indoor dining area was pleasantly populated at 8;30  am with walking distance patrons –  all in cheerful Saturday mode. The menu focuses on breakfast [...]


Adoptable Dog of The Week: Layla


Pretty Layla has had a hard knock life.   Her owner attempted to surrender her to the County but their policy is to only accept strays.   Then, the owner took Layla and her canine housemate and dumped them in different areas of town.   Vintage Paws, a Sarasota nonprofit that focuses on senior dogs [...]


How to Bathe Your Dog at Home in 7 Steps

dog bath

by Lauren R. Tharp Step 1:  Always, always comb or brush your dog before you bathe him.  Pay careful attention to mats or tangles.  Any mats that are left in your dog’s fur will “set” when they get wet and will be extremely difficult (or impossible) to remove. Step 2: Get everything you need ready [...]


Adoptable Dog: Abby


Abby is a 14 year old Jack Russel now in foster with Vintage Paws in Sarasota. She loves to walk, is good on the leash and especially loves to cuddle. Abby is generally in good health but does take medication for her joints and is a little scared of thunderstorms, so when grey skies are [...]


Healthy Paws in Florida


Paw care in Florida is especially important.  Aside from checking your dog’s pads regularly and making sure his or her nails are trimmed, there are some other key things to bear in mind. Sand:  Scrambling around the beach is great exercise for your dog but underneath the surface and especially near any plants, sand spurs [...]