February 11, 2016

Canine Diabetes

by:  Wendy Ying, DVM Five Elements for Animals, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Is your dog really thirsty all the time? Having accidents in the house? You might think its a training issue, but it may be time for a trip to vet. Diabetes in pets is similar to Diabetes in people, Dogs tend to have […]

Dog Toys for Separation Anxiety

For our money, nothing beats a Kong Toy stuffed with creamy peanut butter – and then frozen for a few hours. This cold and yummy treat keeps our dog busy for at least an hour.

There are other neat toys out there too, like the Talk to Me Treatball. This plastic ball has has a chip that lets you record something, like “Good Dog Scout!” or “night night”. But! if you have a big dog, a chewer or a puppy – this toy should only be used with supervision – and for Separation Anxiety – no good. Stick with the KONG.

Car Wash Benefits Vintage Paws at Evie’s Bee Ridge

This Saturday, December 19th from 10-1, Evie’s Car Wash at 4715 Bee Ridge Road will donate a portion of their proceeds to Vintage Paws Sanctuary.  Isn’t it time to get those pine needles out and freshen up your vehicle for the holidays?  This is a great time to pay it forward, and help a local […]

Guide to Sarasota Dog Parks

Contributed by Dr. Sue Nielsen Off Leash dog parks in Sarasota County are called Paw Parks and are dotted throughout the county. Arlington, Lakeview, and 17th Street and Paw Parks are in Sarasota and Woodmere and Brohard Paw Parks are in Venice.   This map highlights the parks and their locations. Each Paw Park has a […]

Training Tuesday – Kids, Dogs, and Holiday Celebrations (Part 8)

by Andy Sands, Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant Hello again Suncoast, and welcome back to Training Tuesday! Today, we wrap up the series “Kids, Dogs, and Holiday Celebrations.” It is my hope that you have gleaned some very useful tips from this series as we have entered into the holiday season. And, in fact, […]

Your Dog’s Ears: To Pluck or Not to Pluck

By Aubrey Bird If you have a dog with ear hair, I’m sure you’ve heard all about the infections your dog will get if you don’t pluck that hair! The truth of the matter is, newest research is saying this is not entirely accurate, and in some cases, plucking is causing more harm than good. […]

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Baby Girl, a Min Pin

This sweet little Min Pin was a beloved family member until her pet parent became to ill to care for her.   Satchel’s Last Resort came to her rescue and she is now safe in foster home.  Just six years old Baby Girl,  and we call her Bee Gee for short.   Her message to […]

Training Tuesday: Kids, Dogs, and Holiday Celebrations (Part 7)

Kids, Dogs, and Holiday Celebrations (Part 7) by Andy Sands, Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant Happy December Suncoast, and welcome back to Training Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving holiday last week. In the previous blog segment, two weeks ago, we just skimmed the surface on proper introductions with children […]

Holiday Safety Tips for your pets

Holiday Hazards by Dr. Anne Chauvet of Critical Vet Care The holidays can be a time of joy and family fun, but for the furry members of our clan, they also can present some hazards.  For instance, common holiday baking items like yeast dough, raisins and chocolate can be toxic when lapped up by curious […]

Holiday Pet Food Drive at Best Friends Animal Hospital

Local Sarasota veterinarians Dr. Madonna Fugent and Dr. Tammy Clarkson of Best Friends Animal Hospital are once again collecting dog and cat food for needy families.   Working with All Faiths Food Bank,  Best Friends is focusing on food for pets to help keep them at home with their families. If you’d like participate, just bring […]