July 1, 2016

Medical Update – What every dog owner should know about Pancreatitis

By Dr. Anne Chauvet, DVM, DACVIM, Neurology Pancreatitis – The Cause, Diagnosis and Treatment What is the cause? diet viral bacterial other What are the signs? vomiting with or without diarrhea refusal to eat belly pain How do we diagnose it? blood work: CBC, chemistry analysis, urinalysis ultrasound of the belly/abdomen with or without aspirate of […]

Retired Greyhound Racers looking for homes

The Sarasota Kennel Club season is drawing to a close. Every year dogs that are ready to retire face an uncertain future. Fast Friends, a local nonprofit is looking for foster or adoptive homes for 18 dogs. Greyhounds make amazing family pets, and believe it or not love to just hang out – wherever you […]

Hershey – A Vintage Paws Pup

Could you be Hershey’s forever foster?    Vintage Paws Sanctuary is lovingly caring for Hershey, a Field Spaniel.   About 8 years old, Hershey has some medical issues that will require lifetime medications, which will be supplied by the rescue group.  While he’s in good hands at Vintage Paws, every dog deserves his very own […]

Breed Profile: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

By Alisha Corsi A dog that keeps fleas away? Sounds like an oxymoron, but it is this unusual myth that made the ancestors of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels so popular with British nobility during the 16th century. Whether the belief is fact or fiction, Cavaliers have graced the laps of many a queen and have […]

Vintage Paws Rummage Sale – Tomorrow 4/2 at 8:00 am

Ever have a craving for an Octopus handbag?   Wait no longer – the bag of your dreams is available(in like new condition) at the Vintage Paws Rummage Sale tomorrow at 8:00 am. There are lots of other great items, dog toys and crates.  Bowls and beds abound.  But this sale isn’t limited to all […]

Ask The Trainer – My dog jumps on guests as they enter my home – what can I do?

by Andy Sands, Certified Dog Trainer, Suncoast Good Citizen Dog   A dog jumping on guests is a common occurrence, especially with puppies and extremely friendly dogs. The friendlier the dog, the more persistent it typically is with the jumping. Why does the dog jump so much, and what does it really want to achieve […]

Acupuncture with Dr Wendy Ying

Dr. Wendy Ying of 5 Elements for Animals spoke with a group of Sarasota Dog Meetup members on Saturday, about acupuncture and other traditional Chinese veterinary medicine modalities. Chinese veterinary medicine is based on a 5 element theory and that each individual dog’s personality can be aligned with one of the five elements; fire, wood, […]

Wag and Learn Meetup – All About Acupuncture

Dr. Wendy Ying of 5 Elements for Animals will give an informal talk about Acupuncture this Sunday, March 13th at Bayside Pet Resort in Osprey at 1:30 pm. Acupuncture for animals and people has been practiced in China for thousands of years for wellness and to treat illness and injury. In the US, we are […]

Lindsay Behnen joins Suncoast Good CitiZen Dog Training

Prior to entering the field of dog training & behavior as a full time endeavor, Lindsay worked in numerous industries, primarily as an engineer. Over the years she has gained valuable experience working successfully with clients and providing high-level customer service. Lindsay has been working with animals her entire life, and while dogs were always at […]

Upcoming dog events – Mark your calendars.

March 3 – Sips for Satchel’s @ Elizabeth Viktoria Salon & Spa/ 8274 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL (next to WoofGang Bakery).  Attendance is free, but a donation of dog food/cat food or toys for the pets at Satchel’s Last Resort.  Enjoy a glass of wine and bites from Morton’s.  Shop for jewelry and meet […]