December 20, 2014

Meet Blair!


Your adoptable dog of the week is a sweet beauty – meet Blair! Miss Blair here is a short-haired American Bulldog mix. This high energy girl loves to play with her canine companions, frolic and romp around, too. She can be a bit of a rough player, so she’ll need a proper introduction if you [...]


Wheels for Wags: Donate your old bike to help shelter pets


Sarasota resident Bill Morse is putting his skills to work for needy pets. This summer Bill opened a bicycle repair service, recycling used bikes and selling them at affordable prices at the Swap Meet on Tuttle across from the VFW. Within a few short weeks it became clear that his business was going to take [...]


Woodmere Paw Park closed for maintenance


Woodmere Paw Park will be closed for maintenance on Tuesday morning, 9/30/14.  County workers will be putting down new mulch and doing general maintenance.  Please visit the park after 1:00 pm.


Light Up Your Life with Landers


Landers is a young (born around Dec 2010), happy go lucky lab/shepherd mix. He leaps when he runs – which is all the time – and he’ll chase any ball or toy you throw for him. Retrieving the ball is something else .. the shelter staff have yet to coax him in to returning it.  [...]


Coping with Pet Loss


For all of us, the sad day will come when our pet is no longer with us.    When it does come, finding your way back to happiness can be a struggle.  If you’ve recently lost a pet, you are understandably in the deep stages of grief.  Dogs with whom we’ve spent countless days caring for [...]


Kristen Collins of the ASPCA – Communicating with your Dog

Kristen Collins picture 2

Kristen Collins is the Director of Anti-Cruelty Behavior Services for ASPCA.  Ms. Collins’ work with the ACBT focuses on the evaluation and proper placement of animals seized in dog fighting, puppy mill and hoarding cases. Through specialized behavior assessments, the team gathers information to ensure the best outcome for victims of animal cruelty and provide [...]


Buckeye Boy


Meet Buckeye – your adoptable dog of the week, Sarasota. This handsome boy was brought to Satchel’s Last Resort after his previous owner lost their home and fell on hard economic times.  He loved his family dearly and it took him a long time to recover from his loss.  He would love to have a forever [...]


Yoga for Dogs: Doga


New Yoga Book Brings New Meaning to Downward Facing DOG- BARKING BUDDHA
Bring Your Dog to Yoga…or Bring Yoga to Your Dog
Massage therapist, yoga and doga instructor, Brenda Bryan has a mission– to “relax the world, one dog at a time.” With her new book, Barking Buddha: Simple Soul Stretches for Yogi and Dogi, Bryan is taking her Seattle-based “doga” classroom on the road, with a series of Hatha yoga poses incorporating canine companions into the mix.


Questions and Answers with the Vet – Ask Dr. Chauvet


My dog has a smelly discharge from her ear – causes and treatment? Ah! This is a loaded question! Bacteria overgrowth/infection or yeast overgrowth/infection (candida) can cause smelly ears. Yeast usually has a sweet smell – don’t ask, but this is our way of being a P.I. of disease: we smell, look, touch, but we [...]


Paper or Plastic?


Of course you know you wouldn’t use a paper dog bowl, but did you know that plastic bowls aren’t safe? The surface of a plastic bowl can be chipped or marred. Those crevices provide the ideal breeding ground for creepy crawling bacteria that can make your dog sick.

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