September 23, 2014

Charlee: Adoptable Dog of the Week


This girl was rescued by a wonderful couple off the streets of Yangon, Burma as a puppy. They imported her over to the United States in hopes of finding her a home. She had quite the trip to get here too. Charlee is approximately 5 years old. She is good with most other dogs and [...]


Breed Profile: Goldendoodle


Goldendoodles get their names from their mixed heritage of Golden Retriever and Poodle parents. First bred in the early 1990’s as allergy-friendly seeing-eye dogs, Goldendoodles have now become just as popular as family companions and embody the best personality traits of both of their highly popular parent breeds. Physical Traits Size & Weight: Goldendoodles are [...]


The World’s Best Leash


You know how technology is revolutionizing everything from cooking to communicating and suddenly designers are making sensible changes to things like a spot for your handbag in the car?     Finally, some of those really smart people from the world of design focused on something uber practical that we all need:  dog leashes. Their [...]


Keep your dog safe this 4th of July

Happy and Safe - 4th of July!

By Dr. Anne Chauvet, For people, fireworks are fun, but for dogs and other pets they are loud, unpredictable and the sort of noise that can induce an overwhelming sense of fear.  Firework phobia is often accompanied by other anxieties, such as fear of thunderstorms or separation anxiety. What is the cause of such fear [...]


Summertime Girls


Sarasota, your adoptable dogs of the week are both fair ladies sweating it out this summer. For your viewing pleasure, here’s May and Laraine. May here is a spayed, black and white Staffy mix. She is just 10 months old and has been at the shelter since mid-April. May is fully housebroken and walks well [...]


All Aboard! 8 Tips for Safe Boating with your Pup


Boating Safely with Your Dog by Lauren R. Tharp Summer is here!  Chances are, you’re going to hear, at least once, the phrase “Come on in; the water’s fine!”  But does that invitation extend to dogs?  Sure!  Even on boats?  That’s a yes too—but you’ve got to take a few safety precautions! 1.  Lifejackets.  You know they’re important for you and [...]


Recipe: Salmon Loaf for Dogs


We tried this great recipe for our dogs and they loved it! It’s quick, easy and you may very well have the ingredients in your pantry. Ingredients 1 16 ounce (450g) can of salmon in oil 1 cup plain breadcrumbs 1 egg – beaten 1 carrot – finely diced 1 stick celery – finely diced [...]


Dapper Young Gentlemen


Your adoptable dogs of the week are two very dapper young gentlemen. Meet Hawkeye and Jenkins! Hawkeye here is a red and white Pit/Sharpei mix. This neutered boy is approximately 1 year old and weighs around 65-70lbs. He’s been patiently waiting at SCAS since March. Like a good boy, Hawkeye is working on his leash [...]


Ask the Vet – Sarasota Dog Mailbag


With Dr. Anne Chauvet of Critical Vet Care Q:   We just got a female puppy and everyone is telling me I should spay her before she’s six months old. Why? What are the benefits of spaying? Dr. Chauvet:  The population of dogs and cats in our nation and the world is increasing despite the worldwide [...]


Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?


There are two lovable dogs at your local shelter that are both as sweet as can be – meet Sugar Bear and Pooh! Sugar Bear is a red and white Sharpei/Pit mix. She is approximately 4 years old and has been at the shelter since March. This spayed lady gets along with most other dogs [...]