January 22, 2017

From Big to Small, SCAS Has Them All!

By Farrel Hansen After months of visiting Sarasota County Animal Services, the Sarasota Dog team started to notice a trend: most of these dogs are on the larger side. It’s very rare that we’ve had a chance to photograph a pint-sized pooch under 30 pounds. Rescues from all around our area are quick to snatch […]

Breed Profile: Boston Terrier

By Alisha Corsi With their refined personalities and dapper tuxedo markings, Boston Terriers are known as the “American Gentlemen” of dog breeds. Originating in the stables of Boston (where else would they?), Boston Terriers were the first US breed to be recognized by the American Kennel Club, making them the all-American dog! Physical Traits Size […]

Meet the Wanderers – They’ve Roamed Around, Around, Around

By Farrel Hansen Though we did not have a chance to meet the adoptable dogs this week, we have the scoop on these two adorable pups awaiting their second chance at happiness in a new, loving home. We’ve dubbed them as The Wanderers. Miss Bella here was picked up as a stray. It just so […]

Breed Profile: American Cocker Spaniel

By Alisha Corsi With their ever-wagging tails and bubbly personalities, it’s no wonder that the American Cocker Spaniel has held the title of America’s most popular breed for a total of 18 years! Their love for people and animals has endeared them to several presidents, including Richard Nixon (who could forget his famous “Checkers Speech”), […]

Breed Profile: Maltese

by Lauren R. Tharp The Maltese has one of the most recognizable looks in Toy breeds.  So many people, from Halle Berry to Milhouse from The Simpsons, have recognized the “pet potential” in this gentle, playful, breed; is it any wonder that they’re the 19th most popular breed in America? Physical Traits Size & Weight:  […]

Breed Profile: Boxer

by Lauren R. Tharp Originally used for dog fighting, the Boxer would stand on its hind legs, striking out at its opponent with its front paws like, well, a boxer!  Officially recognized as a breed in 1904, the Boxer is currently the 7th most popular breed in the United States.  Many celebrities have taken a […]

Sandy the Sheltie

The weekend is approaching fast, Sarasota, which means we have another adoptable dog for your viewing! Meet sweet lady Sandy. Sandy is a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog. The nice people at the shelter believe she is approximately 4-5 years old. Honor Animal Rescue took her in from the overcrowded situation Animal Services, where she was turned in as a stray. […]