January 22, 2017

If we could just talk to the animals

Most of us at some point or another have thought, if only my dog could talk.  From Rupert Sheldrake’s research on telepathy with dogs, who can anticipate their owner’s return to Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain whose main character and narrator is a Terrier-mix, it’s a notion that often crosses our minds. Rather than putting the burden on your dog – perhaps its a matter of learning his or her language .

Some humans can talk to, or connect with animals.   Recently we spent some time with Wendy Cooper, an Animal Communicator, who has been tuning in to birds, cats, horses and dogs for over 12 years.

In our session together, Wendy exchanged thoughts with Kodiak and Scout, who are part of the SarasotaDog.com  team.  The experience was a little unsettling at first, but as we progressed through the session, there was a overwhelming sense of calmness.  Wendy is totally at ease with her gift, and her experience helps to direct the overall tenor of the session.

When we’ve shared this experience with friend’s and family – the immediate response has been, “What did they say?” and it kind of well, wasn’t like that.  From my conversation with her, Wendy posed overall questions to the dogs for responses.  The cathartic  moment for us was not so much what was returned to Wendy by the dogs but the tone of the answers which very much fit the individual dog’s personalities.   My older dog returned some surprising comments that have changed my care of him

Sarasota Dog: Wendy, when/how did you come to realize that you have the ability to make this connection?

Wendy Cooper:I took a course in animal communication about 12 years ago and practiced for literally hundreds of hours with every kind of animal, reptile or fish you can imagine. I loved connecting with them via this ethereal level. Also, many close friends happened to have animals that were crossing over and I spent hours helping their situations.

Sarasota Dog:  How did that feel?

Wendy Cooper: It was not an epiphany.  Over time I got better and better at interpreting for the animals.  My skill is finely tuned now.  It comes so naturally and easily. My clients report that the readings have made profound differences in their lives and the lives of their animals. The animals often give specific personal messages to their human companions. I feel happy and honored to serve in such an important way. One of my biggest secrets is that, in many ways, I am actually more comfortable being on the spirit plane than the earth plane.

Sarasota Dog:   Was there a connection that you have made that was particularly rewarding or one that you’d like to share with us.

WC:   Precious is a sweet 5 pound Yorky.   The client, Natasha, was going on vacation and was concerned about leaving Precious for a week.  When I tuned in, Precious was upset because Natasha was distressed.  Precious was very distressed as she felt impending doom.   When we communicated about the vacation, she was excited about her upcoming adventure.  She had stayed with this dog keeper on one occasion and couldn’t wait to return.  But her worry was about Natasha.  She communicated that Precious “grounds” Natasha and I had the visual image of Precious looking intently at Natasha and saying, “Are you SURE you want to go?”  Natasha acknowledged that she was ambivalent about going on the trip as she was having some health challenges.  We did some work in the session about creating clearer boundaries between Precious and Natasha so Precious could let go of the feeling of responsibility for Natasha.   We gave her permission NOT to caretake Natasha.  By the end of the session Precious was ecstatic about her own vacation and relieved.  We worked with Natasha about ways to get grounded when Precious is not there.  It is very helpful to let an animal know when you and the animal will be separated, even for one night.  I show my clients how to do this for their animals, and it can make a world of difference in the animal’s experience of its owner’s absence.
SD: When is a good time to use an animal communicator?


–When you are considering end of life steps
–When you are grieving over the loss of your pet.
–When you feel guilty about your pet for any reason.
–When your pet is ill.
–When your pet’s behavior is confusing or annoying to you.
–When there is upheaval at home, or if you are planning a trip vacation.
–When you are curious about whether your animal is happy or needs anything more than he is receiving from you.

Sessions are available with Wendy over the phone,  Reach her through email,   wendy@AnimalCommunication.biz
or telephone:  941-806-7080

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