January 22, 2017

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A Dog’s Purpose by Bruce Cameron

Bruce Cameron is an author, speaker, syndicated columnist and an animal lover.  After his book, 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,  he turned his attention to dogs and had given us a beautiful story about dogs and the people they care for.   A Dog’s Purpose follows the soul of one dog through several […]


Here are a few of our favorite new books. To listen to the authors talk with Sarasota Dog’s Rover Reporter, just click on the book titles below. Pukka’s Promise:  Unveils they mystery behind commercial dog foods and provides helpful narrative on giving your dog a long and healthy life. Pretty Pet Friendly: Easy Ways To […]

Keeping it Legal: Why you should license your dog in Sarasota County

The History of the Dog Licence
By Kristen Little
If you’re anything like me, you might sit and ponder random things over your morning coffee. Sometimes I sit over my coffee and think about nature, about bills, about why my washing machine recently decided to give its 2 week notice. Yesterday, however, I found myself pondering about dog licenses. Why do we license our dogs? How did this little metal tag that hangs off my dog’s collar come to be in existence? What purpose does it serve and why is it so important?